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SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION The basic idea of a criminal profile was to acquire a body of information that revealed a common pattern for a general description of an UNSUB (unknown subject) in terms of habit, possible employment, martial status, mental state, and personality traits. Probing for an experiential assessment of a criminal from a series of crime scenes involved a detailed victimology — learning significant facts about the victim's life, especially in the days and hours leading up to his or her death. Their movements were mapped and investigators study all of their personal communications for signals to where they may have crossed paths with a viable suspect..........Hazelwood viewed sex offenders as either impulsive or ritualistic. Impulsive offenders were opportunistic and generally of lower intelligence and economic means, and their sexual behavior often served power or anger needs. Ritualistic offenders, on the other hand, indulged in paraphilias and compulsive behaviors that satisfied a specific psychological need. As they centered their lives around this activity, they learned to lie and manipulate in order to keep it hidden from others and secretly active ....FROM CRIMELIBRARY

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Default Forensic Entomology

Forensic Entomology

"Forensic Entomology, or Medicocriminal Entomology, is the science of using insect evidence to uncover circumstances of interest to the law, often related to a crime. The time of death, for example, can usually be determined using insect evidence gat hered from and around a corpse, provided the evidence is properly collected, preserved and analyzed by an appropriately educated forensic entomologist. Insect scientists, or entomologists, are being called upon with increasing frequency to apply their kno wledge and expertise to criminal and civil proceedings. They are also recognized members of forensic laboratories and medical/legal investigation teams." (American Board of Forensic Entomology 2003).

<DL><DT>American Board of Forensic Entomology (ABFE) </DT><DT> </DT><DD>The ABFE constitutes the first step toward a professional organization with strict educational, ethical and maintenance standards. The ABFE site provides a short but informative overview of the science and history of forensic entomology, as well as case studies in forensic entomology.
</DD><DT>Forensic Entomology Pages, International </DT><DT>{} </DT><DD>Created by Morten Stærkeby, a graduate student in entomology at the University of Oslo, who is now an independent consultant in forensic entomology in Norway. This web site provides a comprehensive overview of the many uses of insect and arthropod evidence as evidence. The organized site lists sections describing protocol and information regarding entomology in establishing time of death, movement of corpses, common insects found on bodies and case histories.
</DD><DT>Forensic Entomology: Insects in Legal Investigations </DT><DT> m/index.html </DT><DD>Created by Dr. J.H. Byrd of the Department of Criminal Justice at the Virginia Commonwealth University, this site includes definitions, death scene procedures, life cycles, information on entomological collection equipment, an entomological field notes death scene form in pdf, and further links.
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