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Serial Killers I have no particular desire to live. I have no particular desire to be killed. It is a matter of indifference to me. I do not think I am altogether right." --Albert Fish

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outline Chris Price: First Murder At Age 13

Chris Price killed 4 of his neighbors in 2 years. When he was 13 he killed 27 year old Rebecca Spencer by stabbing her 58 times. At age 15 he killed 39 year old Joan Heaton and her daughters aged 10 and 8. Jennifer 10 having 62 stab wounds in her.
When questioned by the police he confessed to the murders, even mocking the sounds the little girls made. He wasn't worried about going to prison because he knew he would be out in 5 years. A month shy of his 16th birthday he would be out at age 21.
While looking for ways to keep Price in prison, it was he himself who helped the law achieve that. With death threats to others, fights in prison and ranting in courts the additional charges will keep Price in prison until at least 2020.
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