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Old 07-07-2014, 08:53 AM
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Default Re: 3 Missing Women

Originally Posted by Jace View Post
I hope I will get old enough to read about a confession, and that Suzie, Stacey and Sherrill will be found. It is all about evidence and it seems the evidence is not enough to get those suspects arrested. I can't imagine with all the files they have, they still don't know which way to turn, classmates, serial killer(s), (ex) boyfriend(s), a gang, drugs related ( or diet pills), and whatever else they might have in their files. Maybe time will tell, but hopefully a witness is going to speak up, or someone involved will confess after all these years, 22 years is a very long time for their relatives, not knowing what happened.
I agree with you. I as well, hope that I live long enough to see someone charged in this case.

I also feel, like you, that Law Enforcement has some idea who may have been involved, but the evidence isn't enough to file charges. I think that that is one of the reasons they brought the case in front of a Grand Jury a couple times. Grand Jury's follow slightly different rules when it comes to their ability to decide to file charges in a criminal case.......however, if the Grand Jury's didn't feel that they had enough to file charges, then that is a good sign that the evidence is probably not that strong unfortunately.

Even if they have a good idea what happened, why, and who did it.
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