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Possible Victims ...The S.F. Police could have caught me last night if they had searched the park properly in stead of holding road races with their motorcicles seeing who could make the most noise......

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Old 04-20-2008, 12:56 AM
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From an article January 11, 1974:

Frank E. Mowczan, 20, and Alvin L. Prater, 27, Eureka, pleaded no contest to charges of theft and had charges of strongarm robbery and theft with a prior conviction dismissed at the motion of the District Attorney. The pair was sentenced to six months in county jail with credit for time served.

They are charged with robbing Christopher D. Roark and Robert F. Crupp in a parking lot at Ninth and G Streets ecember 25
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Old 04-20-2008, 01:17 AM
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From 1975:

Alvin and Mry Ellm Prjttr
On Aug. 25, the bloody bodies of a newly
married Santa Rosa couple were discovered at
the end of Old Vallecitos Road in Sunol. Their
assailant or assailants have never been captured.
A motorcyclist found the bodies of Prater,
26, and his bride of two weeks, Mary Ellen, 20,
with their hands shackled tightly behind their
backs. They had .Caliber bullets in their
Prater was a former convict with a long
record involving sale of narcotics, armed
robber}', burglary and theft, and a warrant
was out for his arrest at the time of his death.
Their red Triumph was apparently stolen,
and it was found later, hotwired and abandoned,
in Oakland. Case unsolved.
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Old 05-15-2010, 09:46 AM
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Default Re: Alvin and Mary Ellen Prater

The police suspect that this was drug related, and they have a suspect, but could never prove it
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