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Possible Victims ...The S.F. Police could have caught me last night if they had searched the park properly in stead of holding road races with their motorcicles seeing who could make the most noise......

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Default Re: 1967, Barbara Jane Parkin

We now know that Art Allen was checked by DNA , finger and palm prints. We can exclude Allen from our list. I do feel that Barbara Parkin could be a Z victim. I don't agree with LE on how a log was put on top of her body. I believe the killer/killers put that log on her so she wouldn't float away and not be found. I would like to know if LE ever compared the 9 mil bullets to the two other Z 9mil. used in his crimes ?

I am not sure if I ever brought up the fact that there were a lot of murdered or attempted murders of nurses in the Zodiac case ? We had Donna Lass, Kathleen John's.
Possible Z victims, Judith Hakari, Carol Hilburn, Rosa Vasquez were nurses, Susan Dye worked at a Hospital in Santa Rosa. I think we can add Barbara Parkin to that list. Maybe Zodiac was treated at one time by a not so nice nurse ?
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Default Re: 1967, Barbara Jane Parkin

Then there's another late 1950s murder I posted on here of a nurse I think on mare Island.
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