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AMBER ALERTS SCARY STATS 90 percent of all children abducted by strangers are sexually assaulted, then released by their abductor Less than 3 percent of abducted children are murdered 74 percent of murdered children were killed within the first three hours of their abduction 91 percent of the murdered children were killed within the first 24 hoursSource:

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Old 11-25-2011, 06:41 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

No updates yet. I truly believe some people can see/hear/smell or feel things that others can't.

But I posted a link on the thread for Jahessy ( or Jhesseye) Shockley about psychics several weeks ago:

Psychic: Jhesseye Shockley is alive and in Phoenix

The same is said by a psychic about Lisa Irwin:,463365.story

So both are alive and taken by a stranger. I think psychics are very sensitive, and wouldn't want to bring bad news at all. What you hope for is not always what is true. I think in both cases there are no happy endings
But who knows, maybe the psychics are right, I truly hope so.

I personally don't think Jahessye is going to be transported far as the psychic said..

and so on, it is all in the thread, but I post this, as the link about this psychic who said Lisa was alive, is now totally gone?

So if you are wrong as a psychic, just delete the complete article, and keep up the good name?

Anyway, I hope Lisa will be found, and somehow this psychic maybe could be right, if not, then she at least tried to find her
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Old 11-30-2011, 05:19 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

Baby Lisa’s parents end vigils outside home

The family of a missing Northland infant has asked that vigils discontinue in front of their home on North Lister Avenue.

People praying there for Lisa Irwin were told Tuesday that they no longer were welcome to gather in front the residence. John Picerno, an attorney for Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, said the family will continue private vigils.

Edith Fine-Duskin, the leader of the group called Lisa’s Angels, said she did not understand why the family no longer wanted vigils, which have been held in front their home since Lisa disappeared on Oct. 4.

“It hurts because it is like she (Deborah Bradley) is pushing us all away,” Fine-Duskin said.A family member told Fine-Duskin that the parents wanted to return to a sense of normalcy, and the vigils were troubling to Lisa’s half-brothers.

“This would be one day a week and you would think she would want us out there,” she said. “I still believe Lisa is alive; I don’t know where she is.”

Fine-Duskin said she would look for another location to hold vigils and the group would continue looking for Lisa, who was 10 months old when her parents reported her missing. The group has conducted searches and distributed fliers seeking information about her disappearance.

Police reported no new developments in the case.

“I did (vigils at) that place because that is Lisa’s home and where she was taken,” said Fine-Duskin. “I feel that was the best place.”

Read more:

""It hurts because it is like she (Deborah Bradley) is pushing us all away,” Fine-Duskin said.""

It is they, not her, they.
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Old 12-05-2011, 04:42 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Psychic Accused of Eyeing Reward Money

The search for the 1-year-old baby Lisa Irwin, who has been missing from her Kansas City home since Oct 4, has taken a rather interesting turn after the self-proclaimed psychic, Stephanie Almaguer, from Texas claimed that she has had visions on the whereabouts of the baby.

Stephanie shared her visions about the missing baby in the form of drawings and sketches in her blog. After she published her visions on the blog, a group of volunteers set out in search of the location where the baby might have been buried, as suggested by the psychic. Even Kansas Police said there was no reason not to search the place. They carried out a search in the well that Stephanie had mentioned. But the searches yielded no result.

Stephanie, who has also worked on other missing persons' cases, has been criticized by the media as well as the public.

Last week, two online radio shows discussed Stephanie's involvement in many missing cases, including the Baby Lisa case. The hosts of the radio shows - Levi Page of the Levi Page Show and Tricia Griffith of the Websleuth Blogtalk Radio Show - accused Alamguer of being not credible. They accused her of injecting herself into high profile cases, and even stealing visions of another psychic in missing 5-year-old HaLeigh Cummings' case.

Levi said that in 2009, Stephanie inserted herself into the HaLeigh Cummings case and that she charged Marie Griffith, HaLeigh's maternal grandmother, and some friends of Marie's $600 for her plane ticket from Texas to Florida from where HaLeigh had gone missing.

He said that Stephanie had got frustrated when she could not find HaLeigh in Florida and even called the family asking them where they thought she should search. He added that a lot of people from Florida believed that Stephanie was after the reward money.

The psychic blogger gave a reply to the accusations in the form of an email. In a report published in, Stephanie Almaguer reportedly wrote an email last week responding the comments on the radio talk shows.

Levi is talking things out of context.

I had been working, privately on HaLeigh Cummings for almost a year with Capt. DP [presumably Dominic Piscetello with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office] and MG [Marie Griffith, HaLeigh's grandmother] talked w/DP and asked him what I thought about me, etc,...after she'd read a few post, he said he believed in me, but nothing is a guarantee...

Anyway, she and I talked and she wanted me to at least come and search, if not for one day......Her friends, got together money to bring me there and back....I believe the RT fair was about $300, on I'm not sure. They paid for nothing more....I paid for my own food, drinks, up-keep, etc....

It was no vacation and I spent HOURS in the hot sun, searching - I was only there 2 1/2 days.....I don't inject myself into cases....I work on these cases because of a personal tragedy.....

seeing my [omitted for privacy] EVERYDAY for the past 7 years search online for [omitted] only 2 missing brother's is heartbreaking.....

I only try to use my abilities to help locate missing person's so that even if I help ONE family - not feel the way my [omitted for privacy] feels each day, then I did something good.

There will always be those who think your scamming, taking advantage of, etc....But that never has been and never will be my reasoning. I, as many Psychic Detectives, will NEVER claim "I CAN FIND YOUR MISSING LOVED ONE!" NEVER......... I can not promise anything like that!

All I can do it try....and it's very, very hard......and the outcome or probability of my success is near 0%....

but it doesn't mean that I should just give up. I do this in memory of my [omitted for privacy] - I do this to help. That's all.

My family in no means makes a 'good Living' - and live paycheck to paycheck as many others do. I can't afford to go and look for every missing person I may do a 'reading' on....That's why I started my own Blog.....

If someone comes across it, finds something interesting, good - use it...If not - leave it behind. Thats all.

If I become 'involved' with a case, it's because someone else involved me - rather than me 'injecting' myself. I have my own freedom and right to post on my own blog, just as many other's - including Levi and the others, about anything I want. doesn't mean I injected myself into anything.

I did contact Levi, believing he was a trusted source asking how to get in touch with Marie.....After a year of working on the case with DP, I wanted to at least meet her...(by email or telephone, not face to face) and let her know I was trying everything I could to find her granddaughter....

If she's honest, ask her...she'll tell you - Me going to Florida wasn't my idea.....

I'm sincere in what I do no matter what anyone thinks.

Morgan Harrington....I didn't solve her case.....Other's claim that I am claiming I 'found' her....No, again- twist of words....

I only described, even in miles, where I believed she could be found and described the area in detail.....

Her being found accidently by a farmer where I'd described, and the miles away i'd described also...That's all, really in her case.

I just want everyone to know that if they begin seeing my name in association with a case, it's because SOMEONE, for some reason, asked me to help further - perhaps after reading my blog...Idk....that's really all.

That's what happened with Lisa Irwin, bloggers even state this on my blog.

My local news did do an interview to set the record straight for me......whether it helped or not, Idk...but it doesn't matter. I know the truth and I know that when I lay my head down to sleep every night, I did what was right.

Well, the psychic may or may not be after the reward money. The real issue is - Baby Lisa is still missing. And volunteers and the police are still looking for a clue that will lead them to the missing baby.
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Old 01-15-2012, 06:20 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

Search teams continue to scour area for missing Lisa Irwin

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Over three months after baby Lisa Irwin went missing from a Northland home, search teams continue to scour the area for the missing infant.

Police are not saying what information led them to the area, but teams will be searching again Sunday for the missing child near Interstate 435 and Parvin Road.

Police initially searched this are in the days and weeks after the infant was reported went missing. Police have not conducted a major search since mid-November, but volunteer searches have occured since then.

Police say they have no suspects in the case.

Irwin was reported missing from her family's Kansas City home in October of last year.

Jeremy Irwin, the baby's father, called 911 at about 4 a.m. on Oct. 4 to say his daughter had been abducted, starting a massive national search. Irwin just arrived home from an overnight electrical job at a Kansas City Starbucks.

Debbie Bradley has admitted that she drank enough during the hours leading up to her daughter's disappearance to black out. She has said she expects to be arrested in connection with her daughter's disappearance.

Based on advice of their attorneys, the couple is refusing to meet separately with police to answer questions about their daughter's disappearance. A command post was dismantled in November.

Private, unidentified donors have established a $100,000 reward fund
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Old 02-04-2012, 06:34 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Case at Four Months

On the eve of the four-month anniversary of the night baby Lisa Irwin went missing, Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, will take their case to a nationally-syndicated television show. KMBC reports Dr. Phil McGraw, the host of a popular psychological advice show, said authorities will find the show "informative."

Here's a look at the Lisa Irwin case at its four-month anniversary.

* McGraw also said the interview didn't make him "cross them off the list of suspects." He was referring to how he perceived the parents.

* The episode of the "Dr. Phil" show aired Feb. 3, the four-month anniversary of the case. Lisa was reported missing in the early morning hours of Oct. 4. The last time she was seen alive was the evening of Oct. 3 when Bradley went to bed.

* The day before the show aired on television, KCTV5 reported detectives from the Kansas City Police Department spoke with the parents at their residence. When television crews tried to interview Irwin about the visit, he declined to comment and said he couldn't talk about it.

* The parents are hopeful that exposure on the "Dr. Phil" show will lead to someone seeing Lisa alive. Both Irwin and Bradley are still looking for their little girl. Detectives told the local station that although leads in the case have diminished, the missing persons case is far from going cold.

* Lawyers for the couple have instructed them not to be interviewed separately by police. There is also a $100,000 reward out for information leading to the location of the baby who turned 1 year old in mid-November.

* MSNBC states there have been conflicting reports of what happened the morning Irwin came home to find his daughter missing. Irwin claims lights in the house were on when he arrived home from his overnight job as an electrician. Bradley claims the lights were off.

* Both parents maintain their innocence in Lisa's disappearance. In the "Dr. Phil" episode, they maintain that they feel like the police department hasn't treated them fairly.

* The couple said they might be releasing statements after the show airs on television. It will be the parents' first public appearance in nearly three months. Bradley and Irwin said they have faced lots of "ridiculous accusations" regarding the disappearance of Lisa. They also said Lisa's half siblings ask about her all of the time to which Bradley always responds they will keep looking for her no matter what.

William Browning, a lifelong Missouri resident, writes about local and state issues for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Born in St. Louis, Browning earned his bachelor's degree in English from the University of Missouri. He currently resides in Branson.

I thought they would both be in jail by now....How come such parents can go on television and become somehow famous, while they are still not cleared from any wrongdoing? Dang, that feels very bad! How awful. And ofcourse because I feel angry I forgot to add the link:
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Old 03-24-2012, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: Lisa Irwin , Missing, Missouri

Lisa Irwin Case: 'Jersey' Sentenced to Jail Time on Tampering Charges

It's sad that the latest update in the Lisa Irwin case involves someone who is cleared of suspicion by the Kansas City Police and detectives on the investigation.
It seems that this entire case has gone cold and it's probably mostly thanks to Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin with their lack of cooperation with detectives.
Nonetheless, it's news to know that Johnny "Jersey" Tanko has been sentenced to jail time, further placing him away from the situation at hand.

Jersey has been in jail since at least the week Lisa Irwin was allegedly abducted from her home while her mother slept in a separate room, heavily intoxicated and unaware of the goings-on around her. From the beginning, neighbors pointed fingers at him, referring to him as the "shifty" maintenance man, a vagabond who is known to burglarize homes and climb into them through windows. This naturally gave way for Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin to also point fingers in the man's direction. Police have cleared him, though, and have always focused their attention on Lisa's mom, Deb Bradley.

Jersey has been sentenced to five years in prison after he was found guilty on some vehicular tampering charge completely unrelated to the Lisa Irwin disappearance. That means he has at least a few years to stay out of the picture while this investigation continues. He'll also be more readily accessible by media outlets, unless of course he is denied any visitors which is unlikely. Perhaps detectives can get some time with him to further grill him to completely make sure they have the right guy cleared. It seems like they're on the right path though.

Chelsea Hoffman
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