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outline 1991 Homicide Victim : 16 Year Old Jason Dale Bolton-Indiana


Mja Inc Investigations


Jason Dale Bolton : 16 years old

Accidental or Murdered

On 8-21-1991 :

Bolton's Body was found in Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Its been 20 years of waiting for Justice to be Served in the name
of 16 year old Jason Dale Bolton..

Our Thoughts & Prayers are with Victim & his Family & Friends..

" We Hope & Pray You Gain What You Seek "

First look at the Crime Scene..

Eyewitness statements claim Jason & a Friend from the
party were laying in the road..

The car driven by others from the party saw something in
the road went around it & the car then ran over Jason who
was laying in the road..

Mja has studied Case Photo's & Police Reports & Sketches
concerning Jason Dale Bolton Case..

Mja had some crime experts on the internet look at the same
Info & the Coroners photo's of Jason Dale Bolton..

Mja conducted on location road tests using the
eyewitness statements :

Its impossible for Jason Dale Bolton to be ran over by a car
in the way the witnesses claim..

Its the opinion of many that the Evidence states :

Jason Dale Bolton's Death was staged to look like an accident..

Jason Dale Bolton injuries didnt support accidental death..

Bolton's body was mutilated in other ways as well..

This coroners report shows this ever so clearly..

In return because of these findings :

Jason Dale Bolton's Death ruled : Homicide

Jason Dale Bolton : Murdered August 21, 1991

New Investigation Re-Opened Murder Cover-Up

In Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..

Evidence states that Jason was killed by childhood friends
after a party..

These so called friends made Jason Bolton's Death to look
like an accident..

Mja Photo Links to Bolton Case :








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